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Letter from Publisher, January 2013

Jan 01, 2013 12:01AM
The inconceivable tragedy in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School has rocked the nation to its core. Not a day goes by that I don’t shed tears for those children, teachers and families. I know I am not alone. As the mother of three small children, such events hit close to home. I am still unable to articulate my feelings; what I do know is that the status quo must change.

In his writings, Deepak Chopra offers: “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” I trust that Americans and other peoples everywhere are ready for great change for the better on all fronts.

I enter the new year with a fresh professional and personal focus on building an ever-stronger, connected community on-board to raise consciousness above accepted norms. This vision is coming to life through your participation. Part of my role as a publisher is to facilitate bridges between readers and the resources we need to help us enhance our own and everyone’s quality of life.

On December 10, I attended the Sustainable Energy Symposium, in Philadelphia, where thought leaders discussed the progress and potential of clean energies plus forward-looking investments of the past five years. You’ll find more details in our global brief section on page 10 in the magazine.

I invite you to follow news on this and other natural healthy living issues relevant to our community online at and Twitter at We also look forward to seeing you at area events and will give you a heads up at the bottom of this page each month. Finally, please send us your questions or comments c/o [email protected]. The trusted and valued sources that you meet through our articles and advertisements will be happy to address them.

Change can be all good when good people make it happen.

- Audrey

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