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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

News Briefs

If you are ready to submit, Email [email protected]

More than just a calendar listing, Natural Awakenings publishes short news releases, called “News Briefs,” each month as a service to the businesses and professionals in our community, as well as the readers who benefit from keeping current with developments that will help them lead a healthier, more earth-friendly lifestyle.

News Briefs typically are newsworthy information to our readers, such as business ownership change, grand opening event, upcoming workshop or seminar, or perhaps a new service offered by the business. They are designed to “announce” rather than “promote” or “sell”.

Get the word out. Let everyone know.

• Opening a new office?  • Moving? • Recently become certified in a new therapy? • Special event, expo or festival coming up? • Receive a special award? • Offering a new service or product line?

A Natural Awakenings News Brief may be the vehicle you need to make the announcement. News Briefs work very well when placed with advertising in the magazine because the format allows businesses to reach the reader from another angle, in a non-promotional, announce-styled presentation. Natural Awakenings News Briefs are very effective in getting the word out!

News Briefs do more to “announce” than “sell” and will not necessarily take the place of a well-designed display advertisement to promote specific products and services. News Briefs work very well when supplementing advertising placed in the same issue … and we display the page number of your ad in the News Brief!


Any local business, organization, group, non-profit, individual or other organization may submit a News Brief for consideration. Publication is based on available space* and we do prioritize selection (again, subject to space and previous publication of News Briefs) in the following order:

  • Advertisers in the local Natural Awakenings Magazine(s) always get first preference.
  • Natural Awakenings Network non-profits, businesses and practitioners
  • Local businesses who carry Natural Awakenings in their business
  • All others

* Note: Our advertising campaigns include a set amount of editorial, and space is often filled with announcements from these advertisers who make our free magazine possible.

  • We are not able to notify an individual as to whether an article will or will not run.
  • We do not offer a monthly column from individual writers, but prefer to use a variety of writers, and offer a variety of content, which changes monthly.
  • Please write in the 3rd person. (Do not use “I, me, we” or “you, your”)
  • Please, no personal experiences; the selected topic should be newsworthy and informative, not self-promoting.
  • Please, no client testimonials.
  • Don’t sell… announce!
  • ALL SUBMISSIONS will be edited for length, content and clarity, as well as to fit the style of our magazine and News Briefs department.
  • Any quotes or outside data must be accompanied with the source. We will fact check if necessary.
  • We reserve the right to edit, accept or reject any submission for any reason, including content or theme.
  • Submission does not guarantee placement, nor do we send proofs for approval.

We and our readers appreciate your submissions and involvement!

  • Due date: 5th of the month prior to publication
  • Character count: NewsBriefs are between 150-250 words


  1. Please carefully double-check your submission for accuracy. We are not responsible for incorrect information provided. Also make sure submission is not in all caps. Please turn off your CAPS LOCK. You will be asked to resubmit your listing if it appears in ALL CAPS.
  2. Any images submitted must be in png, jpg, gif or pdf forms. For optimal performance, please keep the file sizes less than 3MB. Make sure the name of the image doesn’t contain any “/” or “%20″.
  3. We do not notify in advance of publication or send proofs. If we have questions about your submission, we will contact you.
  4. Publication of Natural Awakenings articles is solely at the discretion of Natural Awakenings’ publishers and editors and subject to available space, guidelines and applicability to the theme of the magazine. We publish only those submissions that we feel are a good fit in our magazine and only those for which we have adequate space in the magazine. We may exclude any submission for any reason.
  5. We reserve the right to edit all submissions to fit our style, length and guidelines, without prior approval or review.


Contact us at (908) 405-1515, [email protected] or [email protected].