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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Heal the Past to Heal the Present

Tina Frazier, hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor, joins the staff of the Greenshire Arts Consortium, in Quakertown, beginning with hosting two workshops in February. With other Greenshire staff, Frazier will facilitate workshops about how to recognize past issues that have been holding us captive, and how to use specific techniques to heal and neutralize those issues. In her Spiritual Connection Series, held January 10 and 24, she will explore spiritual phenomena that help people awaken to their true selves. In Past Lives Revisited, on February 1, Frazier will teach individuals specific practices to release stubborn psychological blocks, guiding them into healing and making positive life changes. “I believe positive life change can happen in an instant, month, year or even lifetimes.

The question is, ‘Which would you prefer?’” says Frazier. “My approach can help you take charge of your life, reprogram old behavior patterns and create a more productive and successful life.”

Location: 3620 Sterner Mill Rd., Quakertown. For more information, call 215-538-0976 or visit January 2014.

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