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Women Winning with Weights

                     Daniele Hargenrader

by Daniele Hargenrader

Adding weightlifting along with body weight resistance exercises to the usual cardio routine is just the thing to take that old workout routine to the next level. By including resistance training two to three times a week, women will burn more calories while at rest, increase confidence and strength in everyday situations and get the toned look we’re always after.

Certified personal trainer and sports performance expert Scott Lynn, of Bristol, says, “Over the years I’ve consistently had women come to train with me and say that they don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, they just want to lose some fat and tone up. That is exactly what you’ll get when you start lifting weights and using resistance.”

Snapping out of the “weightlifting isn’t for me” mindset that so many women have held onto for so long can greatly increase both overall quality of life and health for all women. Here are three tips to follow when starting a new resistance training workout.

  1. Go outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the place we call our comfort zone; that’s where all the big changes happen. “When I started lifting weights I was nervous, but knew I needed a real change after having my first baby and the treadmill wasn’t cutting it anymore,” says Anna Senders, of Northeast Philadelphia. “Now, three years later, my body has transformed in so many ways. I would never think about going back to cardio only.”
  2. Quality over quantity. Lifting weights and resistance training exercises should always be thought of in terms of quality over quantity. “Using heavier weights with proper form, and doing less repetitions not only saves precious time, but is also more beneficial for toning—adding muscle definition—as well as fat burning in the long run,” advises Lynn.
  3. Get some guidance. Learning the basics from a certified personal trainer in the beginning can set us up for a lifetime of continuous improvements, whether continuing with a trainer or flying solo. “Before I started lifting, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do,” admits Senders. “After a few sessions with my trainer I had gained a wealth of knowledge on proper exercise form, which now allows me to work out on my own with confidence.” In today’s increasingly technological world, distance accountability training has gained immense popularity with incredible results. With personalized videos, web-based tracking with Google Drive and MyFitnessPal, and programs like FaceTime and Skype, individuals can receive training, direction and accountability without ever having to leave home.
When we focus, we change, and when the change leads to strength, everyone wins. Don’t wait to add weights, and don’t wait for a new week to start either. Now is always the best time to move forward with improving our health.

Daniele Hargenrader is a nutritionist, health coach and certified personal trainer. She founded True You Fitness, where she helps people achieve optimal health and fitness. Connect with her at 267-281-4693 or [email protected] May 2014.

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