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Find the Best Chiropractor for You

Oct 27, 2014 11:28AM
One of the most popular questions we hear is, “Who is the best chiropractor in the area?” To be fair, there are many qualified, well-established, and talented practitioners in the area. When selecting a chiropractor, one size does not fit all, and despite their reputation, not all chiropractors are "rack 'em, crack 'em". It is well known that chiropractors do adjustments, but what makes one chiropractor different from another?

We decided to take a deeper look at some of the practices in the area to see what makes each unique, when you take the chiropractic out of the chiropractor.

Dr. Michael Burak, DC 215-938-6040 [email protected] Huntingdon Valley Family Chiropractic Centre 2579 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley Dr. Burak's office holds a positive and fun energy that is appreciated by his patients as well as other area chiropractors. Burak treats a variety of issues that are generally not offered at other chiropractic offices, specifically disc decompression for disc herniations and class IV K-Laser for treating ligament, tendon and muscle injuries—including sprain/strains, inflammation, spasms and more. There is a massage therapist on staff and rehabilitation equipment to strengthen injured muscles. Burak is also a certified animal chiropractor.

Dr. Susan Burger, DCdr. burger 215-736-3803 [email protected] Dr. Susan Burger's Vitality Center 300 W. Trenton Ave., Morrisville As the business’ tagline states, Dr. Susan Burger’s Vitality Center specializes in “aligning body, mind, and spirit for complete vitality”. A dynamic speaker and holistic life catalyst, Burger brings her extensive experience and training together as she guides people of all ages toward self-love and self-care; connecting with earth and spirit; and living consciously and authentically. Burger was the owner/director of Riverside Chiropractic & Vitality Center for 30 years until she recently opened her self-named Vitality Center. She is also a certified NET practitioner, a Laughter Yoga leader, a teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence, and a certified life coach.

Dr. Leah Garlandr. garlan 215-257-3938 [email protected] Pennridge Wellness Center 1281 Rte. 113, Unit B, Blooming Glen  Dr. Leah Garlan of Pennridge Wellness Center, in Blooming Glen, specializes in helping people become the best versions of themselves. She strives to teach people that “chiropractic is not just about treating symptoms. Many times, symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first to go away.” Garlan’s practice started out of two-room home office and evolved into a 5,000-square-foot wellness center. “Because of the ‘feeling of home’ from its roots, the Pennridge Wellness Center offers that same feeling, with state-of-the-art services,” says Garlan. Pennridge Wellness Center is one of the only practices in the state where the primary chiropractor is also an acupuncturist. The office uses a variety of modalities, including a yoga studio to focus on strength, balance and relaxation. Garlan has recently expanded her practice to include Elite Chiropractic, in Wrightstown.

Dr. Joseph A. Greco, DCdr. greco 215-675-8009 [email protected] Greco Family Chiropractic 144 York Rd., Warminster Greco Family Chiropractic (GFC), established in 1995 and the recipient of multiple “Best of Bucks” awards, is a strong believer in giving back to improving the health of our community. Its doctors donate exams in exchange for $20 donations to what they call the “Fundraiser of the Month” program. To date, they have raised over $75,000. Dr. Greco proudly states, "I am able to help 95 percent of my patients of all ages. Many come to me as a last resort, after drugs and/or surgery and are at their wit’s end. After a few visits, they are convinced it's a miracle. It's always exciting to help someone like that." GFC works closely with the other medical doctors and practitioners on a patient’s existing team to help support the health of the individual, whether it is sports, work or accident related.

Dr. Jeffrey Griffin, DC, IHSdr. griffin 215-348-2115 [email protected] Center for Natural Healing 252 W. Swamp Rd., Doylestown "My practice is focused on helping patients to locate what I call their SOS or Source of Stress. Stress is the one thing that causes a body to become symptomatic and it is found in three forms: structural, nutritional and emotional,” says Dr. Griffin. “The interesting part is that all three forms of stress can cause the same exact set of symptoms. I figure out what the key player is that is interfering with your health now." Griffin also has 12 years of experience with enzyme nutrition, specifically the Loomis method, as well as advanced training in functional medicine, internal health and a deep understanding of how nutritional deficiency sparks symptoms throughout the body.

Dr. Sande Jacobson, DCdr. jacobson 215-673-9500 [email protected] 402 Executive Dr., Langhorne Dr. Jacobson has incorporated Robotic Muscle Lengthening to his 22-year-old practice, which has helped him look at patients the way an engineer sees an architectural structure. "Often the primary cause of a patient's symptoms is hidden deep within the body and cannot be changed by hand," states Jacobson. "The robotic procedure can get to the deeper areas of tight muscles and reset them to their normal resting state, causing very profound changes in problems that had been there for many years."

Dr. Karen McGlynn, DCdr. mcglynn 215-491-7533 [email protected] McGlynn Chiropractic 2237 Valley Rd., Jamison Dr. McGlynn integrates her own unique sequence of techniques that utilizes the lightest possible force at the right time, in the right place, encouraging the body to release tension and pain through gentle pressure. "I call it 'Spine Whispering'," explains McGlynn. "In place of hard pressure applied to the spine that forces the body to fight back in the form of muscle tightness, I prefer to 'listen' to the body. The release is similar to a huge sigh of relief." McGylnn also incorporates acupressure, Trager, myofascial release, trigger point, isometric stretching and exercise, manual traction and many others. Infants to adults can be seen in-network, as she participates with all insurance companies.

Dr. Lauren Nappen, DC, Minister, MSS, BFRP, Reiki Master Teacherdr. nappen 215-794-0606 [email protected] Ahhhjusting to Life 3346 Durham Rd., Mechanicsville Established in 1993, Ahhhjusting to Life holds a spiritual energy. Owner Dr. Lauren Nappen is not only a chiropractor, but a minister, Reiki master teacher and the award-winning author of Wishing You. In what she calls "ahhhjustments", Nappen incorporates spiritual intuition, energy work, essential oils, flower essences, color and nutrition. "My specialty is to see the spiritual current and patterns that thread through all areas of someone's life, demonstrating the many ways they are pushing against that current or smoothly flowing with it," states Nappen. "Taking good care of your body isn't just about getting more done in a day. It's about creating a healthy home for your spirit so you can actualize being a gift of loving to everyone who crosses your path."

Dr. Adam Wagner, DCdr. wagner 215-230-8100 [email protected] Wagner Integrative Therapies 411 Hyde Park, Doylestown Wagner Integrative Therapies is a multidisciplinary practice that focuses on pain management and spinal decompression therapy. The practitioners, which include medical massage therapists and acupuncturists, are located under one roof and all hold the common philosophy that they need to work together with the patient's medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists and other practitioners to help them with the best possible outcome. "My philosophy is foremost this: The patient should always seek the most conservative care to least conservative care, in that order,” says Dr. Wagner. "With that being said, that care should be delivered in a manner that serves the patient's interest best, whether it be me, or any other type of practitioner.”

October 2014.

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