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The Sacred Geometry of Life

by Susan Burger

We live in a world that is a subtle balance of complex interrelationships. The old mechanistic view of science has taken us away from that truth and inadvertently helped to create the global crisis that we find ourselves in.

Stephan Harding says in the movie Animate Earth, “It is time for a science fit for the 21st century—a holistic science that combines our numerical and intuitive minds so we can participate with nature rather than dominate it.” If we continue to live “off” the land rather than “with” the land, we remain headed toward ecological collapse. On this living, sentient being that we call Mother Earth, we must continue to discover and remember how to live in harmony.

dr. burger

Often called sacred geometry, there are recurring patterns seen in all life that continue to reinforce our interdependence and infinite nature. In 1487, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Vitruvian Man, which reflects the relationship and proportions of the human body, as does his Mona Lisa.

Phi, the golden ratio, Fibonacci spiral and the Flower of Life are examples of what we find in all physical structures of nature and the cosmos. It is apparent in shells, flowers, snowflakes, as we look at the face of a loved one or look up into the vast sky of stars and planets. The universe is vibration and the principles of sacred geometry are a visual language seen in all wave forms.

Charles Gilchrist, a teacher of sacred geometry and master mandala artist says, “Sacred geometry is literally the architecture of the universe; God’s first and purest language; a language which opens and centers the mind. We are sacred geometry.”

What an amazing opportunity we have to wake up and bring ourselves back to each other, to the Earth and to love. We can no longer justify seeing ourselves as separate entities in isolation, but instead embrace the fact that we are deeply interconnected.

Susan Burger, DC, is the owner of Dr. Susan Burger’s Vitality Center, in Morrisville. Charles Gilchrist and Gabriel Cavasos will present a workshop on the Architecture of the Universe, September 18 to 20. Contact Dr. Burger for more information. Connect at 215-736-3803, [email protected] or April 2015.

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