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Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Often, for many trying to slim down, dieting and exercise don’t produce results, or the pounds don’t stay lost for long. Although lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise are important in maintaining a healthy weight, there are many other factors that need to be considered. When addressing any function of the body, a wholistic or functional approach must be taken—looking at the mind/body as an integrated, synergistic organism that sometimes acquires faults or blocks that interfere with health goals.


Weight loss can be difficult in light of certain hormonal influences such as low thyroid function, adrenal fatigue or post-menopause, but do not despair. Many times, low thyroid function is secondary to other imbalances and there are tools available to correct these imbalances. Adrenal glands can easily be supported, and a sluggish metabolism after menopause can be boosted.


Accumulation of toxins, especially in fat tissue, can inhibit weight loss. We tend to retain water weight in order to dilute toxins. Many people can lose weight simply by undergoing a well-managed detoxification program.


As everyone who has been on the weight loss rollercoaster is aware, sometimes we create a story about weight loss and the steps required to reach our goals. This story may be about the feeling of deprivation associated with lifestyle changes, the time required to live a healthy lifestyle or the idea that “I simply can’t do it.”

The real key is to identify the underlying causes and address them appropriately. Neuro Emotional Technique can be used to resolve existing emotional blocks or to recreate our stories to a story that is empowering and productive. Neuro Modulation Technique (NMT) can also be used to correct biochemical faults, such as hormone imbalances, boosting adrenal function and increasing energy and motivation. NMT can improve many digestive issues that prevent weight loss and can correct numerous faults or confusion within function of the mind/body that inhibits attaining health goals.


Proper nutrition is essential for weight loss. Our lifestyles have become extremely stressful. Whether it’s having kids with a busy schedule, a taxing job or caring for a loved one whose health has deteriorated, stress is a huge factor. When we are under constant stress, we burn certain vitamins, such as B12. Unfortunately, vitamin B12 boosts energy and metabolism and helps to burn fat, especially belly fat. An appropriate nutritional assessment is required to identify deficiencies that may be inhibiting burning of fat or causing a sluggish metabolism. Electrodermal testing is one such assessment, identifying both nutritional deficiencies and other supplemental support areas. High quality vitamins, homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements can address individual needs.

The bottom line is that weight loss can be easy. Dieting is not about depriving yourself, but about making healthy food choices. We do not have to be hungry, feel deprived or spend hours in the kitchen. Identifying mental, emotional and physiological blocks is essential, so that those blocks can be addressed and corrected appropriately.

In addition to comprehensive weight loss programs, Dr. Lisa Rhodes, DPM, L.Ac., offers NET, acupuncture, nutritional testing and recommendations, laser therapy and more at Integrative Health Care, in Fountainville. Connect with her at 215-230-4600 or January 2016.