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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

From Brazil to Bucks County: Elaine Berk Offers John of God Crystal Healing Bed

by Elisa Smith

CRG_EvolvingSoul-ElaineBerk_0316Therapist Elaine Berk helps clients resolve issues that have been plaguing them for decades. Her extensive training includes traditional talk therapy, past life regression therapy, hypnosis, reiki and energy psychology, which together offer what she calls an “extensive tool kit” for resolving clients’ most vexing issues.

Among those tools is crystal light therapy. Berk is one of a select few granted permission to bring back and use a John of God Crystal Healing Bed, obtained from and named for the world-renowned spiritual healer based at Casa de Dom Inácio, in Brazil.

Millions of people have travelled to “the Casa”, as it is known, to experience the profound emotional, physical and spiritual healings performed by healing spirit guides referred to as “the Entities of Light”, as channeled through the man known as John of God. Oprah and Wayne Dyer are among those who have reported profound healing.

As a frequent visitor to the Casa, Berk has experienced firsthand the powerful transformations that take place there, and she is honored to be chosen to bring this healing modality to others.

The Crystal Healing Bed consists of seven pure, specially selected quartz crystals that are suspended 12 inches above the client. The crystals are lighted through color lenses that are then aligned to correspond to the body’s seven main energy centers, called chakras. Berk explains, “Opening and clearing these energy centers while also cleansing and restoring the biofield or aura—the energetic field surrounding the body—promotes healing, because blockages, imbalances and energetic disturbances can cause or contribute to everything from anxiety and depression to pain and physical illness.” Sessions last from 20 to 60 minutes, and Berk says clients often report having the physical sensation of being “worked on”, as well as receiving guidance and clarity.

Berk maintains the traditions practiced at Casa de Dom Inácio, including “sitting in current” to assist those seeking healing. “Every day, in a beautiful gesture of love, hundreds of people sit in deep meditation to sustain the high energy vibration that facilitates the healing work of the Entities of Light,” says Berk. She offers similar support  by sitting in meditation in an adjoining room on her clients’ behalf during healing bed sessions. Berk believes that healing is a 50/50 partnership between the spiritual plane and the recipient but maintains that the only thing required is an attitude of openness and receptivity.

“John of God insists that he has never healed anyone, and that he only acts as a vessel for God to do the healing,” says Berk. “In that same spirit, I am grateful to be able to offer this service to anyone seeking healing.”<

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