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10 Tips for a Clutter-Clearing Cleanse

by Jacqueline Fox

The word “cleanse” is often associated with the physical body.  Sometimes neglected is the value of an emotional cleanse, especially when preparing for something as taxing as clearing out our homes or other personal spaces.

Here are a few tips for preparing for a declutter session.

  • Think about “emotional incompletes” that are weighing you down. Make a list of phone calls, e-mails and meetings you intend to schedule, so you can mentally file them away.
  • Limit your engagement with phone calls and e-mails. Set times that you will check in, but otherwise, let others know that you won’t be available for workaday activities.
  • Slow down. Meditate, take a yoga or tai chi class, or walk in the park.
  • Allow yourself to imagine what it will feel like to be more light and free of clutter. Write about your imagined future in a journal.
  • Gather needed materials ahead of time, such as trash bags, recycling containers and storage boxes.
  • Prepare a short mantra that you can repeat to yourself during your de-cluttering, reminding yourself to be present and enjoy the process of releasing what no longer serves you.
  • If you know you might need assistance, hire a coach or professional organizer who can help you.
CRG_JaquelineFox_0416Jacqueline Fox, MEd, MS, is an office organizer and coach for business professionals, serving the greater central Bucks County area.  Connect at [email protected] or visit