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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Signs of Love: Meg Miller Inspires Her Corner of Wynnewood

Wynnewood resident and Natural Awakenings reader Meg Miller posts lawn signs with inspirational messages on her yard on a busy thoroughfare where Penn Road meets the Montgomery Avenue residential and Lancaster Avenue business districts.

Most lawn signs we see are about civic issues. Your signs are much more personal, asking the driver to consider a certain spiritual idea or question. What’s the backstory here? Eight years ago, there were signs all over my neighborhood about redistricting the high schools. Then a Fast Signs store opened up around the corner from where I live. One day, when I was standing at my kitchen sink doing the dishes, I looked out my window and saw the discarded sign from a play my daughter had been in. All of a sudden the thought popped into my head, “Hey, I could put my own signs out!” I sat down and started listing all the words and concepts related to my spiritual path: love, gratitude, compassion and peace, among others. img_0960Then I began sculpting the words into phrases that could fit on the signs. I would sit and drop deeply inside myself and see what was important that day, what wanted to be expressed. Sometimes the inspiration came from the spiritual book I was reading, and often it was related to what I was studying in the Diamond Approach group I attend.

You have been posting a new set of signs every week for eight years. What keeps you motivated? I continue to make new signs and post them weekly because we all have so much love to give one another, but often it doesn’t get expressed until there is a disaster. It’s my desire to inspire people to feel more deeply and access who they are beyond the tasks of everyday life.

img_0877How have people responded to the signage? I really liked the one that said, “We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings!” After several months of posting the signs on my front lawn I started receiving notes of thanks in my mailbox. Now I get notes in my mailbox regularly. They let me know that the signs have helped them with issues they were struggling with. Many people tell me that they purposely drive down my street to see the sign of the week. That knowledge and experience has been profoundly enriching for me, and I want to share it with as many people as I can reach.

November 2016