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Dr. Shapiro’s Empowering Dentistry

by Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Dr. Jerry Shapiro believes that patients deserve more than they get when it comes to their dental work. “Too many people go to the dentist and have their dentistry ‘done’, but their mouths are not healthy, even though they have paid a great deal of their own money,” notes Shapiro. An advocate of a holistic approach and patient education, Shapiro prides himself on producing patients that not only have beautiful-looking teeth, but also possess sustained oral comfort and health.

Shapiro’s practice has been an educational facility for hundreds of patients over his 45 years in dentistry, offering a careful, thoughtful and informative approach. His belief is that the body will heal on its own when obstacles are removed. Shapiro’s services range from general cosmetic dentistry to single tooth implants and full mouth rehabilitations, plus temporomandibular joint (TMJ) diagnosis and treatment, an area of expertise and personal experience.

Having once suffered from extreme dental and TMJ problems requiring dental surgery, Shapiro meets each patient with a calm and empathetic approach. Because he’s faced the same oral distress as many of his patients, Shapiro’s goal of any treatment is always the same: establish a well-functioning, comfortable bite and smile, allowing the optimum functioning of the muscles, bones, soft tissues and nerves. Lasting, beautiful smiles and comfort are the outcome.

“With today’s innovations of live, intraoral close-up cameras and high definition, microscopic TV monitoring of a patient’s plaque germs, patients can get their best results and real healthy mouths that last, stay stable and require very little maintenance and dollar output,” says Shapiro. “Self-empowered dental patients result. After all, ‘doctor’ means ‘teacher’, and that’s what we are supposed to do!”

Location: Lakeside Office Park, 105 Lakeside Dr., Southampton. For more information, call 215-357-0110 or visit

Gisele Rinaldi Siebold is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect with her at [email protected].

March 2017