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Preventing Digestion Problems at the Source: Jeff Griffin, DC, Prescribes Nutritional Enzymes for Stress, Pain

by Gisele M. Siebold

Jeffrey Griffin, founder of the Center for Natural Healing, in Doylestown, was a practicing doctor of chiropractic with over 15 years of clinical experience when, in 2003, he was introduced to the work of influential chiropractor and nutritional scientist, Howard F. Loomis. Loomis’ approach focuses on the importance of digestion and, specifically, the assimilation, absorption and elimination systems of the body and their relationship to overall health and wellbeing. The encounter opened Griffin’s mind and made a profound impact on how he approaches healing. Since then, he has successfully used the Loomis System in combination with chiropractic techniques to ease pain and achieve optimal health for patients at his busy Doylestown office.

What is the Loomis System, and how do you use it? The Loomis System relies on the art and science of enzyme nutrition to maintain the delicate balance in the body known as homeostasis. We do this by combining our knowledge of the human body with nutrition, biochemistry, neurology, physiology and structural imbalances. This system is the basis of how I understand what’s happening for my patients, and it provides me with a safe, non-invasive, reliable tool for identifying and eliminating or reducing the problems in the body that are causing the symptoms.

What is enzyme deficiency, and why does it cause illness? Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are the building materials required by the body to be healthy. Food enzymes are a natural and important component found in food, yet since World War II, they have been systematically removed from foods in an attempt to extend shelf-life. This has created nutritional deficiencies in people. Enzymes are the “construction workers” of the body and are needed to deliver nutrients from food to different body systems––and it is simply not happening. That’s why I suggest that my patients take a specific digestive enzyme supplement.

How does this holistic approach differ from traditional medical methods? Enzyme nutrition is a drug-free approach that works with the body’s innate intelligence to bring it into optimal health using whole foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals rather than manipulating it with chemical compounds that often produce side effects.

Also, unlike conventional practices where everyone with a certain condition is given the same prescription or protocol, this is personalized medicine. We take the perspective that everybody is biochemically unique, and that optimal health can only be attained when we view each person in that way.

What does it mean to look for “root causes” or “sources of stress”? Each person’s body tells me––through specific symptoms and findings––how stress is exhausting normal functions and processes. The more exhausted and nutritionally depleted a person is, the more symptomatic the person becomes. My job is to identify and go straight to the source of the stress to heal the body rather than treat individual symptoms by temporarily covering them up with medication. Specific signs and symptoms and dietary imbalances combined with physical examination and lab tests are used to determine the stress and how to eliminate or reduce its effects. This is key, because until the cause of the stress is identified, healing simply cannot occur.

What are the most common conditions you treat with this approach? Spinal complaints are common. I’ve also successfully treated heartburn, GERD, gas, bloating, indigestion, IBS, constipation, anxiety, fibromyalgia and lymphatic congestion. However, there are many symptoms associated with nutrient deficiency, including insomnia, depression, psoriasis, eczema and chronic pain.

How can someone that’s looking for answers get started? I encourage people to call and talk with me. I am always available for a free, no pressure phone consultation. If the person chooses to continue with treatment, an office visit is scheduled and a more thorough exam is completed so that I can recommend a customized and affordable healing program.

Center for Natural Healing is located within the Bailiwick Office Campus at 252 W. Swamp Rd., Ste. 26, in Doylestown. For appointments, call 215-348-2115. For more information, visit

Gisele M. Siebold is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect with her at [email protected].

June 2017