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OH, WHAT NOW? Mercury Retrogrades Over the Holidays

Mercury will turn retrograde the morning of December 2 and will remain retrograde until December 22, through the thick of the Christmas shopping days and for all seven days of Hanukkah. The planet will be in the shadow of retrograde several days before that.

Let’s make a note of how this affects the public, as this backwards motion brings some or all of the following: difficulties in transportation, slowing down of the mail system, difficulty finding what you want, incorrectly shipped items, canceled plans, changed minds, mechanical difficulties—especially telephones and computers, incorrect or lost messages, as well as difficulties in all kinds of practical matters.

Given the already challenging nature of the holiday season, Mercury’s dubious gifts as it turns retrograde are ones we are certain we never placed on our wish list. So prepare for some difficulties. Here are some recommendations to help.

  • Remember Murphy’s Law? If something can go wrong it will, at the worst possible moment. This was most likely coined during one of Mercury’s retrograde phases. While it serves as a warning, it is also a reminder to keep a good sense of humor. Where would all of our comics be if nothing went wrong?
  • Get your vehicles checked out in November, not December. Purchase all tickets (travel and theater) before December 2.
  • Leave an extra 15 minutes early, and plan extra time between appointments.
  • Do all of your holiday shopping before you get that car checked (in November, right?).
  • Remember that intention counts. Even if you can’t find what you want, you will find what you need.
  • Send out all packages and holiday cards by December 1.
  • Don’t get too tied up in thinking or re-thinking the guest list or the gift list. People will forgive you, especially when you explain about wayward Mercury.
  • If you are late with gifts, explain about Mercury retrograde. Also point out that in ancient Mesopotamia, giving gifts after the holidays, within the 12 days of Christmas, was considered a sign of wisdom and love.
  • If you plan to travel long distances, remember that Mercury retrograde generally indicates that everyone’s a bit harried, hurried and hassled, including airplane mechanics. This doesn’t mean that you should not travel, but it is certainly not the best time to do so. Follow your intuition as whether to fly or not. Expect delays and always bring a book to read and some toys for the children.
Once you’ve adequately prepared, relax knowing that it will all be over in time for a bright, new 2018. Lean back in your easy chair, sip your favorite beverage and put your feet up. That will bring things into perspective for you. Perspective is just what you need when Mercury is retrograde.

Elizabeth Joyce is an internationally respected speaker, psychic, energetic healer and author of Ascension—Accessing the Fifth Dimension, The NEW Spiritual Chakras and Unlimited Realities. She is based in Doylestown. For more information, call 201-934-8986, email [email protected] or visit November 2017