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A New Approach to Grooming

Dec 27, 2017 11:26AM
Liz Sines is the lead groomer at Holiday House Spa on State in Doylestown. A lifelong animal lover and equestrian, she began bathing and handling dogs at a local horse farm as a teenager. She has been a full-time groomer since 2002 and completed both National and International Master Groomer Certifications in 2014.

What is your approach to pet grooming?

Grooming allows me to pursue both the stewardship of animals and the art involved in executing a balanced and practical haircut for any dog’s job description. Whether a dog lives on the farm, is a home companion or a therapy aid, I love to find a beautiful style that suits the companion’s lifestyle as well as the owner’s budget. I craft balance, symmetry and breed/type nuances into every cut. I hear from clients that while they cannot specifically say what I’ve done differently, for some reason, their dog just looks “right” or “more natural”.

My extensive equine experience taught me positive and patient handling skills. We cannot physically force a 1,200 pound horse to do what we want it to, so there is great skill learned when handling large animals. These techniques can be applied to working with dogs and cats with patience and a loving touch during grooming. Every pet entrusted to my care will be treated with the utmost respect and skillful handling.

Why is bathing our pets so important, and what is the ideal schedule?

Years ago we were taught not to bathe animals too often. Thankfully, products have improved with the advancements in skin and coat care science, so “over bathing” is no longer an issue.

Environmental pollutants both outside and inside our homes have greatly increased the toxins we and our pets are exposed to every day. The skin is the biggest organ on any living creature and absorbs these toxins as they sit for long periods of time. For cats, this is even more important, as they not only absorb these toxins through their skin but also ingest them through self-grooming.

Monthly bathing is ideal for most pets, with longer-coated animals often requiring frequent bathing.

Regular bathing is a major benefit to allergy sufferers, both human and pet! Many of the irritants that cause itching, sneezing and runny eyes are carried into our homes on our pets’ coats.

What should we look for in quality skincare products for our pets?

Skincare products should not have a lot of soaps or detergents listed in the contents. A sugar-based cleansing formula is pre-ferred since it cleans the skin and coat without stripping away natural oils and keeps the pH balance neutral. Using pure, low-fragrance, gentle shampoos help reduce itching your pet may experience and reduces allergies in people.

What is the SpaClub and how does that work?

We encourage all pet owners to have their furry friends bathed regularly, so Holiday House Spa on State created the Spa Club. This program allows clients to choose a convenient monthly appointment at the Spa on State and it provides a savings for regular visits.

What makes the Spa on State a unique pet grooming salon?

The owners are also veterinarians. They have created a professional space for grooming, with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Come visit us—you and your pet will feel the difference!

Location: 42 E. State St., Doylestown. For more information, call 215-345-6960 or visit January 2018

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