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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Manhattan Massage Therapist Relocates to BuxMont

After more than 35 years of private practice in Manhattan, Licensed Massage Therapist Lee Noonan has relocated and is offering “City Massage at Country Prices” to Bucks and Montgomery county residents.

Referring to her services as “The Art of Touch”, Noonan understands that the lasting aspect of treatment lies in discovering the underlying causes of pain. This often involves detective work, such as recognizing when a change in a client’s lifestyle or surroundings might be adversely affecting their body.

Noonan works exclusively through out calls in Bucks and Montgomery counties. This arrangement allows her to customize each treatment to address the client’s state on that particular day. She advises, “The Art of Touch is extremely effective for acute or chronic problems, but readers should first consult a physician to determine diagnosis and treatment options. Readers can also benefit by remembering the value of massage therapy as a preventive to help alleviate stresses before they cause problems.”

For more information, email [email protected]. June 2018