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Intuitive Life Coach Enhances Spiritual Guidance with Reiki

Linda Harbaugh, intuitive life coach and founder of Journey to the Self, is adding reiki to her service offerings. This energy healing technique, combined with her intuitive gifts, allows her to provide enhanced spiritual guidance sessions.

Based on the concept of a universal life force energy, reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that alleviates stress and promotes healing. Reiki balances the mind, body and spirit though a gentle, hands-on or hands-slightly-above the body session. Through the release of energetic blockages, reiki opens the pathway to wellness. Left untreated, blocked energies can cause stress and illness. 

Harbaugh’s intuition provides an additional benefit to the reiki healing experience. She receives messages from deceased loved ones and spirit guides throughout the treatment, which she shares at the end of the session. Harbaugh explains, “During my intuitive reiki sessions, I can see, feel and hear the energy blockages that are preventing a client from experiencing well-being. My goal is to shed light on hidden emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed moving forward, with the help of spirit.”

Harbaugh is a certified life coach, certified reiki practitioner and intuitive/medium with 30 years of business experience. In addition, she is a certified teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, allowing her to provide guidance from both a trained and intuitive perspective.

Cost: 75-minute session, $125. Location: 1910 Swede Rd., Norristown. For more information, call 484-904-9268, email [email protected] or visit October 2018

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