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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

NewsBriefs, September 2012

  • Greenshire Arts Consortium to Create a Holistic School
  • Kundalini Lifestyle Workshop with Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa in Perkasie
  • Free Psychotherapy Consultations at Wholistic Fitness
  • Free Backpack Safety Screenings With Local Chiropractor
  • Waldorf Preschool Opens in Doylestown This Fall
  • Sierra Club Talk on Black Bears in N.J.
  • MedIntuitive Holds Seminar on Integrated Regression Healing
  • Anti-Aging Comes Naturally in Fountainville
  • ADD/ADHD and Cognitive Learning Difficulty Seminar at Earth Foods
  • Crystal Journeying Through the Chakras

Greenshire Arts Consortium to Create a Holistic School

Greenshire Arts Consortium is creating a holistic middle school whose focus is to prepare students to live confident and inspired lives as responsible stewards of self, community and planet. The curriculum will promote academic excellence, creative self-expression and an opportunity for students to truly develop their whole being.

The school’s philosophy is inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti who affirmed, “If the unity of life and the oneness of its purpose could be clearly taught to the young, how much brighter would be our hopes for the future!” Further inspiration for the school’s mission comes from the Dalai Lama who defines the student as “the good person, the student who is caring, compassionate, peaceful and tolerant. The student who sees all humanity as brothers and sisters. The student whose heart is as well-educated as their mind.”

Speaking about the goals of the school, community member and parent Brian Bogusz enthuses, “creating a community of like-minded individuals where students and teachers can relate to and respect each other will create the real change that the world so desperately needs now and in the future – change based on mutual trust and compassion.”

Members of the community that are interested in joining this creative endeavor should contact Greenshire.

For more information, visit, e-mail [email protected] or call 215-538-0976.

Kundalini Lifestyle Workshop with Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa in Perkasie

Shine Yoga Center, in Perkasie, will host Kundalini yogini Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa for the workshop Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Lifestyle from 1 to 4 p.m. on September 30. Participants are invited to consciously learn to structure their lifestyles around healthful choices while learning to experience deeper joy and lasting peace.

While learning about the many teachings of Yogi Bhajan, students will be able to care for their body temples in a way that not only brings more radiance and vibrancy into their lives but helps them to feel healthier and happier as well. Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa will touch on the 7 Steps to Happiness by Yogi Bhajan; how to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning; and explore the concept of Sadhana, vegan lifestyle, Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Shine Yoga Center is a community-based yoga studio with classes in hatha, vinyasa and iyengar traditions.

Cost: $35/advance; $40/door. To register, call 267-221-0980. For more information, visit

Free Psychotherapy Consultations at Wholistic Fitness

Wholistic Fitness of North Wales is offering complimentary psychotherapy consultations for women and teens with Dr. Christine Marston.

Marston, a licensed clinical psychologist, brings 15 years of experience to her work with clients in women’s issues, life transitions, relationship problems, depression, anxiety and trauma. As a specialist in eating behaviors, Marston also treats people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating as well as exercise issues in adolescence, midlife and beyond.

“The answers to questions about feeding ourselves should come from listening to our bodies,” instructs Marston, “I find it reassuring that Mother Nature has given us all we need to eat healthfully and have movement in our lives.” She continues, “with time, effort and support, it is possible to get rid of the nonsense in our heads that gets in the way of us listening to our instincts. Feelings that fuel emotional eating can be honored and dealt with directly so that we don’t take our feelings out on our food and our bodies. As we connect to our instincts, our bodies fall at the weight that we were meant to be. My hope for all is that the internal struggle with food and body can be replaced with a positive relationship and a sense of peace.”

Cost: Free. Location: 217 Church Rd., Ste. B, North Wales. For information, call 267-613-8246, e-mail [email protected] or visit

Free Backpack Safety Screenings With Local Chiropractor

Chiropractic physician, Dr. David D’Angelo, will offer free backpack safety screenings for children during the month of September. The free screening is offered to any child with posture concerns that may be affected by the incorrect wearing of a backpack. For some children, wearing a backpack incorrectly can be the beginning of spinal changes of concern. All those receiving a screening will receive a goodie bag.

Cost: Free. Location: 4814 York Rd., Buckingham. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 215-862-6363.

Waldorf Preschool Opens in Doylestown This Fall

River Valley Waldorf School is pleased to announce the opening of a Waldorf preschool in Doylestown for children ages 3 through 6. The Morning Glory Children program is now open for enrollment with the first day of class scheduled for Wednesday, September 12.

Waldorf early childhood programs offer an extension of the family experience, an intermediate step for the child between home and formal schooling. These classes support the healthiest possible development of young children by providing an aesthetically pleasing environment in which a child’s imagination and creativity can flourish. Morning Glory Children embraces and nourishes the magic of childhood while laying the foundation for ongoing social and intellectual development.

Location: 320 Edison Furlong Rd., Doylestown (in the yellow barn at Pebble Hill Church). For more information, visit or call 610-982-5606.

Sierra Club Talk on Black Bears in N.J.

The NJ Sierra Club South Highlands Group will be hosting a presentation by Elaine Dunn, senior vice president of the NJ Bear Education and Resource Group from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on September 19 in Flemington, N.J. Learn simple steps to lessen the chance of a bear frequenting one’s neighborhood by attending this free presentation about the true nature of black bears, one of New Jersey’s most magnificent animals.

The mission of the Bear Education and Resource Group is to educate residents about black bears, reduce residents’ unwarranted fears, promote tolerance of our bear neighbors and foster peaceful coexistence between people and bears. According to Dr. Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., world-renowned bear expert, “Black bears are timid creatures and generally afraid of humans.” She explains that “You have a greater chance of winning the lottery than ever being harmed by a black bear.”

The meeting is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided. Donations gratefully accepted.

Cost: Free. Location: Hunterdon Medical Center Auditorium, 2100 Wescott Dr., Flemington, N.J. For more information on the group, schedule of upcoming events and environmental issues that effect the region, visit

MedIntuitive Holds Seminar on Integrated Regression Healing

MedIntuitive’s Reverend Art Gutkin will hold a seminar at 1 p.m. on September 22 to explain Integrated Regression Healing (IRH). Gutkin will answer questions, make appointments for IRH sessions, perform hands-on healing and open Heart Chakras.

Gutkin utilizes his unique form of healing, IRH, to help resolve adult disease resulting from traumatic childhood memories and experiences. He believes that many adult disorders, both physical and emotional, start at the time of childhood and are grounded in traumatic incidents at very early ages, even from those emotions felt in the womb.

During meditation, Gutkin reports, “I am able to experience my clients’ traumatic physical and emotional childhood memories which have not been told to me, including my clients’ emotions while in the womb.” Gutkin calls these memories Essential Moments. He discusses the Essential Moment with the client, reviewing how the Essential Moment may have caused the adult disorder and how to resolve the disorder.

Cost: based upon services. Location: Dreamcatcher, 4049 Skippack Pike, 2nd Fl., Skippack. To schedule an appointment, call 215-740-0766.

Anti-Aging Comes Naturally in Fountainville

On September 20 at 6 p.m., Dr. Lisa Rhodes, a well known local acupuncturist and NMT practitioner, will be speaking about the benefits of acu-facials and LED therapy during her seminar, Look Younger Naturally-No Surgery or Botox, in Fountainville.

Everyone wants a youthful look but how far is one willing to go to get that fresh look? Facial surgery may help to achieve a youthful look but does it look natural? “Probably not,” says Rhodes and warns that “injection of potentially harmful products, although popular, may not be the best idea, either.” The good news, according to Rhodes, is that acupuncture facials with the use of light therapy and organic products developed specifically for anti-aging are very effective.

Acu-facials, as recently featured on the popular TV show Good Morning America and in the New York Times Magazine can help one look years younger without invasive or dangerous procedures. Rhodes enthuses, “Acupuncture in conjunction with LED therapy have proven to reduce fine wrinkles, lift sagging skin, increase blood flow, reduce pore size, reduce acne and inflammation and increase collagen production.” Her anti-aging seminar is complimentary and open to the public.

Location: Integrative Health Care, 5055 Swamp Rd., Ste. 203, Fountainville. To register, call 215-230-4600 or e-mail [email protected].

ADD/ADHD and Cognitive Learning Difficulty Seminar at Earth Foods

Earth Foods, of Holicong, is sponsoring a free seminar on ADD/ADHD and Cognitive Learning Difficulties featuring Dr. Phil Pappas, the former director of the Abington ADD Program. The seminar will take place at Earth Foods from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on September 26.

Pappas has been helping individuals with learning problems for over 10 years. He has always had a drug-free approach for ADD/ADHD and learning disability treatment. According to Pappas, “There are many well-studied, successful non-drug interventions for ADD/ADHD including biofeedback and supplementation. Problems of focus and memory are often controlled with supplements and many individuals respond well to training interventions and supplements.” During this seminar, learn about the long-term health problems and dangers that pharmaceuticals can cause and also about new help for adults with worsening memory problems and dementia.

Pappas, who has recently been certified as a Community Health Educator, has training in biofeedback and has lectured extensively at Abington Hospital on ADD/ADHD. He currently sees individuals with learning and memory difficulties at his Holicong practice.

Cost: Free. Location: Earth Foods, Buckingham Green Shopping Center, Holicong. For required reservations call 215-794-5311. For more information, visit

Crystal Journeying Through the Chakras

Valarie and Ian Haag of Rainbows of Healing, in Langhorne, will present Crystal Journeying through the Chakras, a seven-part series, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on October 5 and continuing the next six Fridays through November 16. This series is designed for those who wish to deepen their spiritual path through the practice of activating, opening and unblocking the chakras with the power of vibrational sound, while learning more about how to integrate crystals in healing.

Beginning with the root chakra and moving up to the crown, participants will journey with a beautiful crystal suited to that particular energy center. Each session will give a deeper understanding of the chakra worked on and wisdom of the crystal. The healing power of quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs and Native American flutes will bring participants to a place of deep meditation and healing. Preregistration required by September 25.

Cost (series/includes crystal): $210 or $320/two if reserved by September 5. Location: YogaLove, 10 N. Main St., Yardley. For more information, visit

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