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Yoga Community: An Interview with Jessica D'Angelo of Shine Yoga Center

Dec 01, 2012 02:00PM
NA: Describe the style and vibe of yoga at your studio.

JD: “We are so proud to be completely dedicated to yoga. Our authentic yoga studio is friendly and warm. We have an eclectic group of yoga teachers that offer many different styles of practice. Hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, restorative and ashtanga yoga are all under one roof. We also host a Yoga Book Club that brings lively conversation and opportunity to take the yoga practice off the mat. We also host ongoing children’s classes. We are active members of our community and work locally with Pennridge F.I.S.H., our local food bank, to bring awareness and raise donations during the year for the food bank. Outside our walls is the Shine Community Garden that is tended to and maintained by many of our Shine yogis. Just about every month you will find a new event or workshop that takes place at Shine. This month we are welcoming Spirit Voyage recording artist Gurunam Singh for live music, yoga and meditations. We are an ever-growing community of yogis. I like to say that we offer something for everyone.”

NA: How did you become a teacher?

JD: “I was working as a personal trainer and added yoga to my own personal routine. I was familiar with yoga from college but my only experience was yoga at my gym. When I walked into a yoga studio, the practice clicked for me. I met the teacher who changed my life and helped put me on a path I had not expected. Yoga challenged me differently than anything I was doing, personally, physically or spiritually. Yoga changed me inside and continues to change me daily when I come to my mat. Yoga led me to a mantra practice that I incorporate into all my yoga classes.”

NA: Describe the most rewarding yoga experience you have witnessed.

JD: “Owning a yoga studio has been the greatest journey so far. I have watched people change in such profound ways. I have seen incredible friendships form inside of Shine that will last lifetimes. Being a yoga teacher is most rewarding when I see the class in the very beginning, slightly agitated or restless and have the honor of ushering them to a more peaceful state. When I hear a student say, “I needed this today,” I cannot help but feel glad that I was a positive part of someone’s experience. During the days following hurricane Sandy, we offered a free cabin-fever class. The class was packed, even with so many students still lacking power. The sentiment was universal that night: we were all grateful to be together, to be able to practice and then to move forward. Creating community is the greatest part of my job. That’s yoga—to unite.”

Shine Yoga Center is located at 601 West Market Street, Perkasie. For more information, call 267-221-0980 or visit, December 2012

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