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Letter from Publisher, April 2013

Apr 01, 2013 12:00AM
My 7-year-old son has been learning the history of RMS Titanic, so we made the most of the opportunity with a family visit to Philadelphia and The Artifact Exhibition of the ship’s design, chronology and debris at The Franklin Institute. As I asked him questions about the Titanic’s iconic maiden voyage, I realized that just 100 years later, we have more icebergs due to the effects of global warming. However, we have to be thankful for modern technology and advanced sonar equipment.

In our own region of the world, the seasons are radically changing. One has to wonder, have humans so upset the balance of things that Mother Earth, the traditional nurturing provider, can no longer compensate? This month’s Green Living issue has left me in awe of the primal fact that we owe her greater respect in how we treat the land, water and fragile atmosphere.

This month I’m happy to report on amazing citizens doing wonderful things toward supporting a healthy environment.

Montgomery County recently cleared the way for becoming home to the state’s first Passive House. It represents today’s highest energy design standard geared to slash home heating energy consumption by 90 percent.

We also meet a local couple that is converting restaurant vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel and soap. The success of local company Harmony Clean is enabling many more people to clean their homes in a nontoxic and environmentally friendly way. I’ve had the further pleasure of meeting Tama Matsuoka Wong, a local expert on wild edibles; what is more aligned with the Eat Local trend than foraging in your own backyard?

I am honored and humbled by the pioneering spirits of these good neighbors and glad to know that they are being joined by many more members of our community making their own strides in living healthy on a healthier planet. We’d love to hear your good news story at [email protected].

To nourishing the Earth as she nourishes us, Audrey

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