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Bellabaci Creates New Facial Massage Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a holistic therapeutic and healing technique that works by creating a vacuum and using suction to penetrate beneath the skin to improve circulation and help your body to remove toxins. It has been practiced for thousands years by a number of cultures around the world. Bellabaci facial massage cups use the traditional principle of suction but with new, safer materials. Bellabaci cups are made from a pliable medical

grade silicone that enables the creation of a vacuum by simply squeezing the cups, applying them to the skin, and releasing the grip. They are safer and easier to use because they do not require heating the air inside glass cups the way that traditional cupping therapy does. The suction created with the Bellabaci cups penetrate up to four inches into the skin and tissue beneath it, improving circulation, breaking up and releasing toxins, and stimulating the lymphatic system to help it dispose of stagnant, toxic waste.

“Bellabaci facial cupping therapy is used to minimize and eradicate wrinkles, to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, to exfoliate and to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and elastin,” says Carrie Wiedemann who is not only the U.S. director of training and sales for Bellabaci, but also a LMT, and yoga, NIA and creative dance teacher. “Treatment two to three times per week is recommended for improving skin tone and texture and keeping your skin looking young and beautiful.”

To order or to become a trained therapist, call 267-357-3525 or email[email protected].