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Happiness! How does one cultivate this?

Original work submitted by Lyn Hicks, Harmony Hill Gardens *

The illusive happiness that one seeks is truly right around at any given moment. It is a state, a way of being that can be created when awareness becomes forefront.

The definiton is telling:

hap·pi·ness [hap-ee-nis] noun

  1. the quality or state of being happy.
  2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.
So it becomes about finding your emotion of pleasure, contentment and joy. Often rushing around, getting tasks done and moving at a quick pace makes it seem unattainable. Can one be happy through it all? Yes indeed, it is just a shift in perspective.

How does one do it? By looking for contentment, pleasure and joy each day. It is a seek and find for the wonder about. It is a state of knowing that there is always something going well and moving towards joy. It may be only one thing at times, but it is still there, awaiting attention.

The hectic pace, the focus on production and problems, the sheer panic in which many move is enough to miss this state of goodness. Making it our purpose to seek out this state as a focus is a good goal, like finding a word in the crossword puzzle, making a game of it so to speak. A fine intention and fun really, especially in the world about. Setting our compass to find the good, the working, the delightful in our world.

Consider it a goal and skill to develop. An eye for the minute and hidden, the secret magic that others could miss, the delight that could be lost in the pace, a moment of goodness that could be missed in confusion. These are the things that offer happiness, going on day in and day out. Our focus can be shifted to see this beauty in and around with redirected attention.

Energy flows where attention goes is a path to achieve happiness. As one begins to seek the joy, the contentment, the wonder, it appears more obvious and abundantly. It is a state, an emotional way that one looks at things, a disposition worthy of cultivating for more moments of comfort and contentment. Finding the hidden gem in things going on has been the goal. Learning to do this is simply a way to look at the world.

Playing with this view causes a subtle shift in ones being. It is the glass half full disposition that changes the world around you. A game really, to see things not so apparent to the first look. Wonderfully it allows one to slow down and be more perceptive about the subtlities that exist. A slower pace makes it an easier task, a more investigative look to uncover the delight. The more it is focused on the more this state becomes a way of being, creating a habit within to live differently.

Once these joyful moments are found, then it becomes giving them the moment to savor, revel, and enjoy. All words for those whom develop this way. Living that moment to it’s fullest, stopping to feel the great emotion, filling our being with it in totality and deliciousness. Not moving on so quickly, allowing our whole being to engage. Truly feeling the pleasure that  has been found. Relaxing into that moment as you fill with this contented state.

It is a practice, a way of viewing the world, using eyes of seeking for the joys in a day. Simply finding good in a world that focuses on other things. Yet the end result so worthy, so healthful, and clearly like magic. It provides energy to move through the other things, fuel and peace to go forward, a respite moment that can color the whole day.

A skill worth developing for health and well-being. The sun is always shining somewhere, the clouds may block its rays but they are still there giving life energy to all. Engage in this as a health practice as one seeking treasure.  Cultivating this state of being that allows more wonder to an ordinary day.

* The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of Natural Awakenings or its Publishers.