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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Heaven and Earth, Light and Sound

Tami Trapp and Bob Rowlands collaborate with their individual spiritual healing abilities to allow for a uniquely deep and balanced healing experience, called Heaven & Earth, Light & Sound. Heaven & Earth sessions are recommended, in particular, for those who feel nudged to let go of the old stories that defined them in order to make space for a new story. Rowlands, a Reiki master teacher, is a gifted natural healer who works in communion with the archangels and a host of spirit guides. Trapp is an Earth bearer and gifted intuitive who channels the energies of earth bearers past, such as Sacagawea, to name only one of many.

It can be a challenge to recognize and even acknowledge that an old story is just that and that it is time for something new. The greater difficulty, for some, is finding a way out of the old energy. A Heaven & Earth session is ideal for easing that transition, removing the road blocks and clearing the way to a brand new path.

Where the light energies of Reiki loosen that which no longer serves, the sound energies of the Earth then come in and sweep it away. This unique union of angels and Earth bearers is prepared to address those needs specific to the sacred spirit being of each individual client. Clients have the opportunity to be part of their very own healing trinity with themselves as the focal point, receiving the healing energies of heaven and Earth simultaneously.

The couple shares with clients any messages received during the session and feedback is discussed to enhance one's sense of completion.

Location: Vishala Health Spa. 981 2nd Street Pike, Richboro. For more information, call 267-312-6913 or email [email protected] or visit