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Community Spotlight: Dr. Lim's Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Jun 18, 2013 10:38PM
The Dental Wellness Centre: Offering patients healthy options

by Linda Sechrist

The motto that Dr. Hyo J. Lim, D.M.D. created for his Dental Wellness Centre—Exceptional dentistry with your health in mind—not only implies a connection between oral health and whole body health but also expresses his personal philosophy about dentistry. Biological dentists, such as Lim, promote a whole-body perspective on dentistry and belong to several organizations, which provide mounting evidence supporting the link between periodontal disease and heart disease.

“I belong to the Holistic Dental Association, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine as well as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. These are groups that provide information and research to biological dentists, as well as the public, on alternatives to traditional approaches to drilling, filling and pulling,” says Lim. Although these organizations may have different approaches to diagnosing and treating dental issues, they all agree that dentists and patients are becoming more aware that what is placed in the mouth and done to the mouth can have consequences to the rest of the body.

Regarding the issue of mercury fillings, Lim advises that all three organizations agree that the 30 tons of mercury waste generated by dental fillings in the U.S. should be addressed by eliminating its use in humans. “Other than the most obvious fact—that mercury vapors from the fillings pose a potential health risk for the patient—the mercury from dental amalgams eventually finds its way into the waterways and ends up in the tissues of fish, such as tuna,” remarks Lim.

Lim’s professional organizations offer different approaches to the safe removal of mercury and how the patient can detox from mercury exposure. “Their recommendations are safe and healthy treatments options and protocols that are simply good sound dentistry, which recognizes that a patient’s teeth are attached to their body and how a dentist deals with teeth and gums can have major implications in the body,” advises Lim.

Like his fellow members, Lim embraces the alternative approach to traditional dentistry’s perspective on root canals, a process in which highly inflamed, dead or infected nerve tissue is removed from a tooth in an attempt to relieve pain and or infection. “I’m inclined to agree with members, who recommend against root canal treatment because their point of view—even properly completed root canals can harbor bacteria that may cause a re-infection or enter the circulatory system—has a great deal of merit. I also agree that it’s possible that the retained root canal teeth can present a burden to the immune system and possibly effect acupuncture-like energy meridians in mouth,” he explains.

Membership in holistic dentistry organizations also offers Lim the opportunity to share opinions and experience on dental issues, such as implants and root canals, with fellow members. “Even though our treatment options for infected teeth vary—root canal therapy with different filling materials or lasers to eliminate bacteria and homeopathic remedies to disinfect and render the root canal tooth less toxic—the important thing is that I have alternative approaches and my patients are ultimately given the freedom to choose,” advises Lim, who appreciates that he has discovered alternatives for missing teeth from alternatively-minded groups. “Some biological dentists recommend titanium implants to replace missing teeth while others express concerns that implants may pose issues with titanium leaching into the body. “Those who promote implants prefer zirconium, which is a ceramic. There are also others who only recommend ceramic bridge work or non-metal removable bridgework to replace missing teeth,” notes Lim.

The availability of different treatment modalities underscores the mission—to recognize the unique needs of the patient and their rights to make informed decisions on dental care—of all members in the holistic groups. “The entire holistic dental community acknowledges the vital link between oral and whole system health as well as the need to educate patients and the general public on the healthiest and safest of options so that they can make intelligent decisions,” enthuses Lim.

Contact Dr. Hyo J. Lim at the Dental Wellness Centre, 216 Mall Blvd., Ste 11, King of Prussia 19406. Call 610-265-4485 or visit, June 2013

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