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Integrative Pediatrics: Your Child’s Health and Safety First

Aug 19, 2013 08:51AM
As an integrative pediatrician, Dr. Adriana Moise, M.D., believes in a holistic healing approach that focuses on the patient-practitioner relationship and examines all areas of a patient’s lifestyle, including a healthy mind and body. Due to this whole-body perspective, integrative medicine often encompasses practices such as tai chi and meditation, which may not seem applicable in pediatrics. But, Moise disagrees. “Integrative medicine can be applied to anything,” says Moise, who points out that a young child can do simple yoga poses with a parent.

Moise does not rely solely on alternative medicine in treating her patients; instead she blends conventional and alternative treatments together for ultimate care regardless of the disease or disorder. Moise describes how she incorporates integrative medicine with the conventional medicine to treat asthma. “Traditionally, there are two types of medication prescribed to treat asthma—bronchodilators and steroids. I always start with the basics, such as nutrition, and then move into a mind and body approach. Since some foods can increase or decrease inflammation, I try to find out what their diet is. For example, if a patient isn’t getting enough vitamins, I often prescribe a supplement such as magnesium or a botanical such as licorice root. Generally, there is some sort of stress or emotional component that triggers an asthma attack, so teaching a child deep-breathing exercises is beneficial. This is all in conjunction with the child’s medicine, which they always have with them and know how to use. The child’s safety always comes first,” she advises.

Moise’s integrative medicine practice, Integrative Pediatrics, LLC, is an additional health resource to Cevallos & Moise Pediatric Associates (both located at UpperBucksHealth & DiagnosticCenter in Quakertown). Moise received her fellowship at the ArizonaCenter for Integrative Medicine in 2011. The Center, founded by Dr. Andrew Weil, is internationally recognized as one of the leading programs for integrative medicine. “I chose integrative medicine because many parents were asking me questions about alternative medicine, side effects, and treatments. I didn’t have all the answers,” says Dr. Moise, who was aware that parents were taking their children to several practices to try and find out what they wanted to know. “I pursued training in integrative medicine because it combines traditional and alternative medicine and allows me to talk to parents about the safe and easy treatments I can provide for their children. I think a majority of my patients come because they feel comfortable asking questions. No one critiques anyone’s comments or suggestions. And overall, children respond well to integrative medicine so the parents are happy with the results.”

Although there are some integrative medicine skeptics, it is a field that will continue to bloom. For those who doubt integrative medicine, Moise recommends doing research before making a final decision. “The more you research, the more you learn,” she says. “The initial challenge was balancing my traditional background with integrative medicine,” muses Moise. “More research is disproving traditional medical dogmas. It’s easier to balance the two now, but sometimes it is a bit different when something I was sure of is no longer true.”

The directors of the ArizonaCenter for Integrative Medicine will be collaborating with the American Board of Physician Specialties, the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and other organizations to develop a new board of certification for integrative medicine. The new board reflects the growing research and holds higher standards for doctors. Moise believes that integrative medicine will become more popular and successful, especially if people continue to research on their own. “I try to stay open-minded about everything. I could never go back to practicing without integrative medicine,” enthuses Moise.

Dr. Adriana Moise, Integrative Pediatrics, LLC, 99 N. West End Blvd., Ste. 110, Quakertown Call 215-536-1915 or visit  

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