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Letter from Publisher, September 2013

Sep 03, 2013 05:10PM
I have just returned from the most wonderful impromptu daytrip with my family to Cape Henlopen State Park, in Delaware. The energizing ocean air and joy of seeing my kids just be kids—inspired by each discovery of another clam hole or nibble on the fishing line—have put a lasting smile on my face. My youngest are just starting Kindergarten, making me treasure such moments all the more.

I bet that this month’s Healthy Kids article, “What Peace Means to Children,” by the Peace for Kids movement will put a smile in your heart. Little ones so purely trust us to make the world right; each time we are moved to act we can make a positive difference. For more good news involving kids, Avery Mack’s “Schools Go Green” is a national roundup of great ideas shared by parents and teachers bringing healthy eco-friendly ideas to their schools.

Bucks and Montgomery counties residents have even more to celebrate this month, highlighted by the number of local events making Natural Awakenings news. They range from a focus on schools and fitness to ways to support other causes benefiting our community’s quality of life.

In line with this month’s Fitness theme, we discover that we have a world of choices when it comes to exercise; the challenge is to find those that are right for us. This month’s feature article “Whole Being Workouts,” by Lisa Marshall explores a fresh way to view fitness, one that combines body/mind/spirit classics with cardio disciplines. This perhaps surprising combination simultaneously delivers feelings of energy and calmness, where the mind quietly operates while the body is active. Imagine moving through your day this way.

As some know, I am a dedicated student of capoeira, a physical art form that seamlessly blends martial arts with the history and spirit of 19th century Brazilian culture. As variety keeps the body guessing, I like to add even more variety to weekly workouts. Most recently, I added cross-fit classes in addition to my regular capoeira training.

As many return to their exercise routines in September following a summer break for family activities, please remember that it is less important what exercises you do than that you do things you like and will stick with. I rejoice that my 80-year-old father is healthier and more vivacious than his statistical peer group and attribute his continued quality of life to his enthusiasm for healthy foods and daily exercise, both habits for as long as I’ve known him. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I invite now you to turn the page and read on; this issue is bursting with goodies.

In good health,


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