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Why Electromagnetic Energy is Important to Our Health

Oct 20, 2013 07:04AM
by Dr. Lisa Rhodes

The human body is not just the sum of its parts but a system of living energy: skin emits photons (particles that produce light); our cells discharge electromagnetic radiation and our nervous system utilizes electrical signals to govern physiological processes. Bioenergetics, or energy medicine, as discussed in Linda Sechrist’s article “Energy Healing Comes of Age,” is based on the body and its electromagnetic field, its subtle energy field that affects its full spectrum of functioning—physical, mental and emotional.

Bioenergetic medicine is based upon concepts of well-established principles of physics. Albert Einstein's famous equation explains energy as the foundation of matter. According to developmental biologist and published author Bruce Lipton, hundreds of scientific studies published in respected biomedical journals support the notion that every facet of biological cell regulation is highly influenced by “invisible forces” found in the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic forces regulate DNA and RNA protein synthesis, altering the shape and function of proteins, controlling gene regulation, cellular differentiation and morphogenesis (the way in which cells organize into tissues, organs and glands), hormone balance and neurological function.

Based on the concept of electromagnetic energy and its influence on every function of our body, illness can be seen as a result of the confusion caused by a disturbance in these fields. For example, frequently cited evidence by practitioners of bioenergetics suggests that cancer is a result of a disorganization of energy resulting in a lack of coherence on a cellular level and that multiple sclerosis results from bioenergy that is too organized and lacks flexibility.

Energetic medicine may be applied in two ways to address physiological processes at their energetic foundations. The first is to assess the mental, physical and emotional functions that may be correlated with physical symptoms in order to design an individualized, corrective therapy protocol. (A particular symptom, for example, may reflect disturbances in multiple energetic systems. A stomachache may result from liver toxicity, underlying anxiety, food intolerance or yeast over growth.) Through varying types of bioenergetic testing, underlying causes can be identified and addressed.

The second method is to assess and strengthen the mind and body as an interactive system to prevent illness, regulate biological processes and achieve greater wellbeing and peace. Bioenergetic medicine may be used as a comprehensive system of care or as a complement to established Western medical practices. It initiates healing by activating and restoring the body’s natural energetic processes that have become weak, confused or disturbed.

Dr. Lisa Rhodes is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of podiatric medicine who has been practicing energetic medicine for more than 10 years and specializes in neuromodulation therapy (N.M.T), neuro emotional technique (N.E.T)., nutritional testing, and applied kinesiology. For more information, call 215-230-4600 or visit October 2013.

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