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An Expanded View on Living Green

by Lyn Hicks The concept of living green traditionally refers to reducing our carbon footprint and the use of the Earth’s natural resources. A more expansive approach could include considering how the choices we make every day affect both the planet and our individual ecosystem. The right choices move us toward a state of greater personal health and help the Earth; the wrong choices hurt both.

Take food, for example. If we choose unprocessed quality foods with as few preservatives as possible and prepare them with great creativity, we can delight the soul, supply the body with nourishment and protect the Earth. The sacred space of the home is another primary example. Using products without toxic chemicals will make the home a better place to live, rest and relax. The choice of the materials and substances used in the living environment and on the body can decrease stress, calm the mind and bring a sense of well-being.

Enjoying nature is another simple opportunity to maximize good choices for personal and ecological wellness. Walking in the park, swinging in the playground and playing in the sand are all chances to enjoy individual health and connect with the Earth. One deep breath outside is soothing and supporting. Add to that the bonus of exploring the use of plants as medicine, a green gift from nature. Applying these tenets nourishes our internal ecosystem, enabling us to help ourselves as well as those that may be going through challenging times. Feeling such interconnectedness supports the joy in the heart.

Lyn Hicks is the owner of Harmony Hill Gardens—an organic flower farm and florist—and the author of The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman. Connect with her at and HarmonyHillGardens. October 2013.

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