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Get Unstuck Using the “Miracle Question”

Nov 13, 2013 07:02AM
Achieving meaningful personal growth isn’t easy, particularly if the goal is real transformation instead of incremental change. A tool to try for achieving major change is the “Miracle Question.”

It originated in solutions focused therapy, and is particularly useful when individuals are lost in the depths of a problem with no clear path forward. What is the Miracle Question?

Imagine that, when you went to sleep tonight, a miracle occurred that started to solve the problem you’re struggling with. But since you were sleeping, you didn’t know. When you woke up, what small things might you notice that would tell you the miracle had occurred?

This could be a shift such as, “I regained my knowledge that I can get a job earning $xx/hour,” or “Even though my partner kept doing annoying things, I found myself often feeling compassionate and curious instead of furious.” Want to take this a step further?

Be on a mindful lookout for subtle changes that signal the shift is underway. That is, don’t only ask the Miracle Question, but act as if a miracle took place. Go through each day with open awareness, uncovering more and more clues that show it is working. As self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer says, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Mark Hurwich founded Concentrated Coaching, where he helps people that are “stuck” get unblocked quickly. Call 267-629-2189 or visit

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