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Letter from Publisher, November 2013

Nov 29, 2013 06:55AM
This month’s issue speaks to two concepts that are dear to my heart: gratitude and giving. In my travels as a publisher, I have the good fortune of connecting with amazing members of our community whose lives illustrate the value of expressing, receiving and recognizing the benefits of gratitude.

I originally encountered the inspired idea of maintaining a gratitude jar on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page and opted to alternatively create a gratitude journal. That day, my journaling adventure began. Giving thanks in little and big ways not only enriches lives, but helps me stay grounded. How fitting then that Gilbert shares intimate insights with Natural Awakenings readers about her newfound emotional health as related to her latest bestselling book, The Signature of All Things (page 13).

Winter holidays kick off the season with heartfelt thanksgiving for good reason. We all cherish its peak moments of comfort and goodwill in the midst of the bright lights and excitement. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to make regular quiet time to sustain our inner peace.

Giving thanks naturally rests our thoughts on those less fortunate. We may well consider donating our time, talent or treasure to a worthy cause or two.The local food pantry is one such cause, and many are in need of donations – not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

Another is the local animal shelter, where staff will thoughtfully address little ones’ yearning to add a friend or two to the family that they can love and care for. Our stories of local adoptive families may be useful as you contemplate if pet adoption is right for you (page 24). Such shared happiness reinstates the warmth of our hearts.

Our Conscious Giving Guide (page 20) offers many other ways to gift yourself and loved ones in especially thoughtful ways, while keeping holiday dollars local. I love the idea that supporting a local business also supports a local family. Won’t you join in? In gratitude,


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