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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Letter from Publisher, January 2014

This issue marks both the start of a new year and a milestone in the history of Natural Awakenings. Our 90 publishers in communities around the country (plus Puerto Rico), thousands of advertisers and current monthly readership of nearly 4 million are celebrating the magazine’s 20 years in publication (more on page 16).

As I reflect on the expanding natural health and sustainable living community the magazine represents and serves, I am deeply grateful for every business owner, manager and practitioner with whom I have forged a relationship and who believes in the greater mission of Natural Awakenings. I am excited about the prospect of meeting many more of you in the coming year. It’s humbling to consider how many readers’ lives might be changed by something they read here. In my travels around town, I have met innumerable strangers that have told me they have learned something in our pages that has helped them or a loved one. Common threads are: “I love your magazine”; “I learn so much from this”; “I always pick it up and read it cover to cover”; “I keep my issues.” I reply that I am happy for their progress because the magazine is for them—for all of you.

A recent example of such a privileged conversation occurred during a meeting with a small business owner whose son suffers from Crohn’s disease. I have since reached out to the magazine’s large network of resources to try to provide her with someone who can help him.

Another such example is with Tracy. “We met recently at Earth Foods and I have since perused the August and September issues of Natural Awakenings,” said Tracy. “I have found much that is helpful, informative, inspiring and motivating. I especially loved the articles on barefootin’ and wheat belly. As we discussed outside the store, I had already been paying attention to the kids and my wheat intake but dropped it completely out of my own and my infant son’s diets since reading the article on wheat (getting my 10-year-old to go along is trickier). What I saw in the magazine also has me excited about happenings and services in the area. Thank you!”

Any time we can help just one local person, I consider it a great day. I like the philosophy of our larger publishing company co-founder, John R. Voell, Jr., who queried, “How many people did I help in this lifetime?”

Each month in 2014, we hope you find something or someone that resonates with you. In this annual Health and Wellness issue, we expect you’ll find cause for reflection on how to achieve optimum overall health. Based on delving into Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Build Your Own Wellness Dream Team,” and Lauressa Nelson’s “A Health Coach Helps Us Change for Good,” we’d like to think you’ll find good reasons to draw members of your customized support team from those you meet monthly in these pages. Are you ready to be transformed? May 2014 bring you and yours the health and wellness you deserve,


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