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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Dance to a Happy Heart

by Kelly Thomke

We have all heard that a proper diet and health care can lead to a healthy heart. Yet, there is more we can do to make our hearts happy. Every muscle, especially the heart, needs movement to help it perform at its best.

When the body is in stress mode, the sympathetic nervous system engages. This stimulation affects all areas of the body. Too much of it over extended periods can cause physical and mental exhaustion. It is important to learn ways to relieve stress and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to do its job of relaxing the body after a stressful situation.

Dancing is stress reliever that young and old can do just about anywhere. Music and sound enliven our bodies and energy, inspiring movement from within. In movement, the body feels and processes every emotion non-verbally. The parasympathetic nervous system engages and begins to relax the body and mind. The heart opens and energy flows. Dancing feels good.

We feel with our hearts—witnessing, connecting and listening. Joyous sounds and movements can facilitate healing and nourishment. Slowing down and allowing life experiences to be processed with an open heart brings happiness.

Kelly Thomke is a JourneyDance Certified Facilitator and holds classes throughout Bucks County. Connect with her at 215-534-4989 and February 2014.

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