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Choosing the Right Organic Bedding

by Dennis Hornick

After a long, stressful day, a good night of sleep helps unwind the body and decompress from the day. Sleeping on an organic mattress—with clean, natural materials versus synthetic—can provide a healthier and more comfortable night’s rest. Here’s how to convert to an organic bedroom.

Switch to an organic mattress. The most important factor in creating a healthier bedroom is the bed. Organic mattresses are created with natural, clean materials, and without flame retardant, synthetic materials that can be harmful to health. A Natural Dunlop latex mattress, with latex from rubber trees, is a healthy alternative to petroleum-based foam. Depending on personal preference, organic innerspring mattresses are also an option. Wool, used for the batting in organic mattresses, is a natural flame retardant that meets all U.S. standards, as well as being hypo-allergenic.

Top the mattress. For added accident protection, fit the mattress with an organic wool or cotton mattress pad, which doubles as a natural fire retardant and dust mite protector. For those who like a softer bed, wool toppers create a “nesting” feeling, while also helping to regulate body temperature and make for a more comfortable sleep. Additionally, wool’s springiness can relieve pressure points and muscle aches.

Choose the right organic pillow. There are many options available for side, back, or stomach sleepers, or a standard shape. Many specialty stores carry a variety of wool, latex, cotton and kapok pillows.

The finishing touches. Encase pillows in pillow protectors, if desired. Add sheets made with organic cotton—grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides—and a comforter and get ready for restful, healthy, organic sleep.

The Organic Mattress Store, located at 1075 Main St., Hellertown, carries a full line of exclusive organic mattresses, plus other bedding made from pure, natural products. For a limited time, receive a free wool mattress pad and two free pillows with purchase of a mattress (one free pillow with twin mattress). For more information, call 484-851-3636 or visit April 2014.

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