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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Letter from Publisher, May 2014

Welcome to May—the month that delightfully brings to mind our appreciation for mothers. As a mother to three young children, I have been blessed in my chosen role and daily rejoice in the smiles, hugs and “I love you’s” that come my way. I also count myself blessed to still have my own mother nearby to voice her wisdom, give generous hugs and provide the heart-warming support all children bask in.

One of my deep desires for my children is that they mature into individuals that enjoy what they do every day of their lives and share their gifts in ways that help make the world a better place. They are fortunate to have a mother who is enabled by you all to do just that.

As publisher of our local edition of Natural Awakenings, our go-to resource for natural health and sustainable living, I must voice my gratitude for the tremendous recent growth of this magazine made possible by all of you—our loyal readers, advertisers, distributors and contributors. This month we are printing more pages than ever before and are excited by the expanding possibilities.

We also acknowledge that not one page would be possible without the business owners that both support the publication and play such vital roles in the larger Natural Awakenings natural living community. It makes our editorial content possible. Each reader’s story I hear of a life changed for the better because of an article they read here makes every effort worthwhile.

If you see me out and about, I invite you to say hello and tell me your story; I would love to hear it. I rejoice in meeting you all and always welcome your input and feedback; let me know what you want to read in these pages.

Have a joyful May—and remember to call your mother and other mothers you love,


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