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Practice Aging Spiritually at Workshop

For those looking to bring spiritual attention to their aging process, Barbara Gordon is presenting the workshop, “Aging as a Spiritual Practice,” from 9 a.m. to noon, May 3, at Greenshire Arts Consortium, in Quakertown. The workshop will focus on cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude; exploring ways to maintain positive well-being and kindness in the face of challenges; and shedding old beliefs to discover a new role in our relationship to self, others and community.

“As I age, I see the importance of having a bigger picture,” says Gordon, a psychotherapist, holistic counselor and longtime Buddhist meditator. “Rather than dwelling on the inevitable losses, we can pay attention to hard-earned wisdom and experience, opening to aging with new meaning, purpose and aliveness.”

The workshop will touch on subjects such as how to find meaning that goes beyond the physical fact of aging and enlarging our understanding of what it means to be alive.

Cost: $40. Location: Greenshire Arts Consortium, 3620 Sterner Mill Rd., Quakertown. For more information, call 510-912-5747 or visit May 2014.

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