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The Germiest Places We Forget to Clean

by Renata Myers

We avoid touching the really dirty things like the toilet and garbage can, but what about those less obviously grimy things in the home? Here are just some of the things we forget to clean.

Purse The bottom of a woman’s purse can be a literal germ fest. We set our purses on restroom floors, checkout counters and in grocery store carts, then come home and plop the purse down on the kitchen table.

Kitchen Sponge Germs and food particles get trapped in the crevices creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Microwave the sponge for 60 seconds to kill germs.

Remote Control When everyone in the house is pushing buttons and no one is wiping it down, cross contamination occurs.

Toilet Handle When disinfecting the seat and bowl of the toilet, don’t forget to clean the handle, which quickly accumulates germs.

Lemons All those dirty hands at the grocery store have been caressing the lemons you take home. Before you squeeze the lemon over a salad or cooked fish, wash thoroughly.

Renata Myers is the home cleaning expert and president of Pazeto Cleaning Service. For more information, call 267-388-7818 or visit May 2014.

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