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The Local Bookcase: MotherBirth

Have a Positive Journey into Motherhood

by Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

MotherBirth is author/photographer Sandy Taylor’s journey into motherhood and its positive impact on her life and the life of her child. She expands on how the childbirth experience affects a child’s entire life, both positively and negatively. Taylor’s description of positive births in a loving environment, punctuated by her black and white photos, demonstrates that while mother and child are separate beings, during pregnancy and the birth experience, the two beings are one unit.

Throughout the book, Taylor exposes the reader to many aspects of becoming a mother, with pictures of women in labor and giving birth to Taylor’s own history before and after becoming a mother. Taylor focuses on her own orgasmic birthing experience many years before, using her experience to explore current practices, which, she says, are often more medical and technological than comforting to the mother-to-be.

Taylor explores the concept of a holistic, spiritual childbirth followed by an important section entitled “Rebirth: Discussions of a New Paradigm,” where Taylor’s research brings to light many of the issues that create trauma at childbirth instead of well-being and loving communication. She also gives us a glimpse at birthing practices around the world, where we learn that many of these old practices contain the wisdom of midwives that modern birthing practices might benefit from exploring. MotherBirth is for any mother-to-be who wants a positive and spiritual childbirth experience for her and her baby.

MotherBirth can be purchased on and Connect with Sandy Taylor at

Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson is a freelance writer in the field of food and health. Connect with her at May 2014.

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