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Getting Kids Excited to Clean

by Renata Myers

With the school year ending, kids are about to be spending a lot more time at home, which often means more messes. We’ve all seen kids’ rooms that look like war zones, with toys and clothes scattered about. If the mess is not controlled, it has a tendency to spread throughout other rooms as well. These tips will help keep their rooms—and the rest of the house—in tip top shape!

Get them involved in the cleanup. Label boxes, baskets, milk crates, plastic tubs—anything they might store toys in—to teach them how to sort toys and keep them off the floor. Let the kids decorate the containers to be personal and fun. Install bookshelves wherever possible to stack toys and books.

Let kids do “adult” cleaning jobs. Sometimes loading the dishwasher or helping mom clean up after a baking session is fun—especially for smaller children. Plus, it teaches good habits.

Set a good example. Teach kids good cleaning habits by being neat and tidy. Hanging up clothes and putting things away after using them sets a good example. In today’s busy world, this can be tough, but it’s important.

Make cleaning fun. Set a short period of time each day or each week that kids have to straighten up their room. Make a game out of it with a timer and give rewards for jobs well done. It will become a good habit and they’ll have fun. Let kids listen to their favorite music while cleaning. A little noise will be worth a clean room.

Renata Myers is a home cleaning expert and president of Pazeto Cleaning Service, serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. For more information, call 267-388-7818 or visit June 2014.

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