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Blend up a Healthy Meal with Blendtec

by Audrey Chen

In 1975, engineer Tom Dickson was grinding grains when he envisioned creating the perfect mixer to mill flour so he could make wholesome bread. Just as the smoothie was becoming popularized, Dickson had developed his commercial blending machine, called Blendtec.

Today, people all over the world use Blendtec blenders in their homes, restaurants and coffee shops to process ingredients such as ice, frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and coffee beans.

Here are a few of Blendtec’s noteworthy features.

Ease of Use Blendtec’s display is an intuitive, one-touch design with preprogrammed blending cycles as well as a sliding bar for manual speed adjustments. The preset blending options mean that the chef can walk away from the machine and know that the food will be blended to perfection.

Size The canister is durable, scratch-resistant and BPA-free with stainless steel blades. It sits just 15 ½ inches tall—about the same size as a standard blender—and can fit on the counter under most kitchen cabinets.

Easy Cleaning The surfaces of the base are completely sealed for easy cleanup. To clean the canister, simply add a few cups of hot water and a drop of liquid dish soap, run the blend cycle and rinse.

Versatility The Blendtec can do all the jobs a traditional blender can—and then some. Easily turn sesame seeds into tahini, grind chickpeas into hummus and nuts into nut butters. Fruits quickly become healthy smoothies, and with the blender’s ice cream setting, frozen fruit and milk create a delicious treat.

The user-friendly features and reasonable price point of the Blendtec allow chefs of all skill levels to have one in their own homes. The possibilities and creativity are truly endless.

----- Spinach Ice Cream Yields 7 servings

This sweet, almond-flavored ice cream is low in calories and full of green produce. It's an ice cream everyone can feel good about eating.

6 oz almond, coconut or rice milk 2 oz agave nectar 1 tsp almond extract ¼ cup vanilla whey protein powder 1 oz avocado 3 cup spinach 3 ½ cup ice cubes

Add all ingredients to FourSide jar in order listed. Secure lid and select “Ice Cream” setting.

Recipe reprinted with permission from Blendtec.

To learn more or to purchase a Blendtec, visit July 2014.

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