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Learn to Transform Obstacles into Opportunities

Internationally recognized self-development expert, Michael J. Formica, is now bringing his unique brand of holistic counseling and integral life coaching to Doylestown with the opening of LifeWorks Compass LLC.

For more than 25 years, Formica has helped people meet their challenges with mind-body wellness, relationships, recovery and career. He works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations, promoting conscious living and empowering positive change. Blending traditional Western psychology with Eastern psychospiritual practices and motivation science, he helps others work to overcome limiting beliefs, change behavior and improve relationships.

“I take a perspective of wellness, rather than illness. My belief is we are not broken things that need fixing, but whole, healthy humans who are sometimes faced with challenges that we are not yet equipped to handle,” explains Formica, a board-certified counselor and integral life coach. “By working to develop our social, emotional and spiritual intelligence, we can evolve in ways we may have, in the past, thought impossible.”

Formica is known locally for his free meditation workshops and his work with the Solebury Club’s Biggest Winner wellness program. In addition, Formica regularly offers workshops and webinars on a variety of topics including mindfulness practice, relationship building, motivation and personal fulfillment.

Location: 107 N. Broad St., Ste. 1, Doylestown. Formica offers a free 15-minute consult by phone or face-to-face. For more information, call 215-622-5798 or visit August 2014.

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