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Judy Roberson Brings Thermography and Brain Mapping to Joy Integrative Medicine

Judy Roberson, BA, LMT, offers gentle health assessment technology and treatments using European thermography and brain mapping at Joy Integrative Medicine. The tests and treatments are designed to unlock and remove areas of toxic storage, both physical and emotional, to restore energetic flow and enthusiasm for life.

European thermography tests major body systems and provides immediate feedback on the systems that need the most attention, to strengthen and support, to improve overall health. Clear Mind maps brain functioning and guides neurofeedback to renew quiet, tired or over-used brain regions. Roberson also offers Matrix Regeneration Therapy, which helps to improve cellular health and provides a sense of rejuvenation. When combined, these tests and treatments can be used in a preventative way to reveal which areas of the body are imbalanced and help patients improve their overall health.

"I think most of us learn to live with uncomfortable symptoms for years," reflects Roberson. "We don't get the message until we have a diagnosis. With my tests, I can show people where they are on the health continuum and help them turn the process around before they have to take medicine to quiet the symptoms."

Location: 4950 York Rd., Ste. 2A, Holicong. For more information or to make an appointment, call 484-802-5845 or email [email protected] September 2014.

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