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Release Stress at Yoga Workshop

The newly opened Chalfont Yoga and Meditation Center will host a stress relief yoga workshop from noon to 2 p.m., September 20. In the two-hour workshop—suitable for all levels of fitness—participants will learn yoga techniques to relieve stress tension and pain.

Stress, if not relieved, can adversely affect health, work and relationships. Using yoga’s ancient techniques of poses, breathing and meditation, stress can be effectively tackled. “Not all yoga classes or yoga styles are alike,” says Erica Andersen, founder and director of Chalfont Yoga and Meditation Center. “Hatha yoga in the Svaroopa style is accessible to nearly anyone, requires minimal effort, feels great and reliably works to take away stress, tension and pain.”

Andersen is a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher in the Svaroopa style, meditation instructor and Embodyment Yoga Therapist. She’s been teaching classes, workshops and offering private therapy for over 12 years.

No prior yoga experience is needed for the workshop. Pre-registration is required.

Cost: $36. Location: Chalfont Yoga and Meditation Center, 15 W. Butler Pike, Chalfont. For more information, visit or email [email protected]. September 2014.

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