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Collegeville Yoga Bar

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local yoga studios.

COLLEGEVILLE YOGA BAR 222 E Main St, Unit 12, Collegeville 610-409-2696

At Collegeville Yoga Bar, Stefania Davidse, RYT, leads vinyasa yoga classes that focus on preventing injury, strengthening the body, and providing a stress-free environment to combat today’s busy lifestyle. “My vinyasa classes allow clients to move into physical postures synchronized with breath, in a fashion that does not put pressure on the body—especially the hips and shoulders,” she explains. Though initially skeptical of yoga, Davidse tried some classes and has been practicing yoga ever since. “As I became more versed in postures, I was able to focus more on breathing and learned how to let go of all the stressors in my life while I was on the mat.”

Finding that her area lacked a local yoga studio, she decided to begin teaching in 2013 in order to bring yoga to her community. Collegeville Yoga Bar offers classes for all ages and ability levels. The studio also offers a free yoga class every Friday morning and collects donations for Laurel House charities. Davidse looks to teach those who have a desire to grow in their own practice of yoga, whether they are experienced or not. “My philosophy on the mat is to do what works best for one’s body,” she says. “Yoga is for everyone.”

September 2014.

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