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Coaches Corner: Susan Duval

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local coaches, mentors and therapists in Coaches Corner.

SUSAN DUVAL Seminars and Sacred Journeys 36 N Church St, Doylestown 215-348-5755

Susan Duval hosts seminars, private sessions and weekend training programs with experts in the fields of personal growth, holistic health, healing, spirituality, metaphysics and psychic mediumship. In addition, she organizes sacred journeys to power spots around the country and the world, including Sedona, Mount Shasta, New Mexico, Peru, even swimming with the dolphins in Bimini.

Duval says she is very selective about who she hosts. “The speaker must be top-notch, a serious professional, polished, with integrity and very gifted or talented in their field of expertise. If it's a psychic or a medium, I test them out first, to make sure they are outstanding,” she assures.

It is her hope that her events will help others on their journey through life, bringing support, understanding, transformation, fun and new friendships. “It makes me happy when I see friendships and relationships blossom when people meet at my seminars and on trips. We have become a community!”

September 2014.

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