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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Coaches Corner: Marie Jackson

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local coaches, mentors and therapists in Coaches Corner.

MARIE JACKSON 215-470-1288

Marie Jackson, RMT, became a holistic mentor in 2008 with the aim of guiding others who were seeking answers to life’s deep questions. She began by leading workshops, then started publicly speaking on the subject and providing individual mentoring. “Deepening our spirituality does not necessarily give us more answers, but it can help us get comfortable with the questions,” she explains of her work. Jackson seeks to help others manage stress and realize their personal power.

Jackson looks to mentor spiritual seekers looking beyond and beneath the dogma of religion and cultures into “the questions that have driven mankind for ages about the power that drives us to create and connect.” She is currently pursuing a degree in metaphysical spirituality and hopes to expand her services into teaching. Jackson stresses that everyone should know: “Their healing is within. Their answers are within. Their power is within.”

September 2014.

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