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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

SEPTEMBER 2014: Conscious Caregiving & Yoga, Table of Contents

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  • Bridge Acupuncture, of Doylestown, celebrates 5 years.
  • Wholistic Fitness, in North Wales, celebrates 3 years.
  • Felipe Sanchez opened training facility in New Hope.
  • Ryman Maxwell opened a second location, The Bread Box and Bakery.
  • Yoga Boosts Hearts, Shrinks Waistlines
  • Tongue Diagnosis Reveals Sleep Disorders
  • Mindfulness Meditation Can Hinder Onset of Alzheimer's
  • Vitamin D-3 Cuts Antibiotic Use by Elderly
  • Apple Corps: Green Apple Day Aims to Transform Schools
  • Online Opportunity: Major University Offers Integrative Medicine Certificate
  • Apple Crunch: Celebrating Pesticide-Free Orchards
  • Safer Shampoo: Makers Agree Not to Use Cancer-Causing Chemical
  • Conscious Caregiving Nurture Yourself While Helping Another
  • Kamini Desai Explores a Yogic Life
  • Om Sweet Om
  • Indian Vegetarian Cooking
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  • Say Yes to Yoga
  • Sparking Creativity in Elders with Dementia
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  • The Great Classroom Pet Debate

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