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Coaches Corner: Michael J. Formica

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local coaches, mentors and therapists in Coaches Corner.

MICHAEL J. FORMICA LifeWorks Compass LLC 107 N Broad St, Doylestown 215-622-5798

Michael Formica (MS, MA, EdM) has been a practicing psychotherapist, counselor and coach since 1988. In 2012, he formed LifeWorks Compass LLC as an integral life coach with a unique mindset. “I take a perspective of wellness, rather than illness,” he says. “My belief is that we are not broken things that need fixing, but whole, healthy humans who are sometimes faced with challenges that we are not yet equipped to handle.” Formica believes that by balancing elements in one’s life such as self, relationship, work and spirit, one can “evolve in ways we may have, in the past, never thought possible.”

In addition to face-to-face coaching, Formica shares his wisdom through a blog at Psychology Today—recognized there as an Editor’s Choice Essential Read—and as a regular columnist for Huffington Post’s Healthy Living and GPS for the Soul sections. “What I do is act as a guide, helping individuals and couples to explore their imbalances and regain their connection to authenticity, resilience and basic goodness,” he explains. “I work with those who wish to grow and evolve from the trials before them, a perspective that holds space for every obstacle as an opportunity and every challenge as a choice.”

September 2014.

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