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Letter from Publisher, January 2015

Jan 02, 2015 09:19AM
Hello 2015! Welcome to the opportunity to turn a page and invite a new year of progress. January, the birth month for both my mate and me, feels symbolic. In my travels this past year, I've encountered many themes and observed some common threads related to everybody’s aim to live ever better going forward.

I like to preserve key thoughts that resonate with my goals on slips of paper (or whatever comes to hand) in a jar. Perhaps you journal yours. Authors tend to assemble theirs into articles or books. Most of the statements I keep are positive, others not so much. I bet you can relate.

A new year reminds me, as Disney’s “Jungle Book” song advises, to bear in mind that it helps to “accentuate the positive” and “eliminate the negative”, keep bad stuff from creeping in. That’s important primarily because our subconscious accepts as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves about ourselves and others. The challenge is to drown out such whispers with life affirming declarations. When we take care with our words, spoken within or aloud, we are consciously aligning with our intent.

Money has been part of my study this year. Society surrounds it with misconceptions that include impoverished thinking, shame and fear. Repeating unhelpful patterns can lead to undermining behaviors that work against our best interests. Finding a way to forge a comfortable relationship with money is key to setting us free to live our best life.

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to learn about Access Bars with Dr. Paul Stratton, in Doylestown. The overarching theme with this modality is to release limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions and open up to unlimited possibilities. Such transition allows us to live with greater ease. What can we start thinking and doing differently this month?

This month’s special Health & Wellness issue affords extra motivation to make the most of the rich offerings from our local natural health and wellness practitioners and facilities. Starting on page 20, many of them share their visions and hopes for the new year, both for themselves and you, dear readers.

Let’s resolve to make the upcoming year one to remember as we open sunshiny windows of thought to experiencing an ever brighter future. We only need to believe in our capacity for good; the strength to achieve it is within. To the beginning of a new chapter, Audrey

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