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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Natural Awakenings BuxMont Celebrates Five Years

February 2015 marks five years since Natural Awakenings arrived in the healthy living community of Bucks and Montgomery counties. Since then, NA BuxMont has helped countless businesses reach their perfect clients and thousands of readers to stay well versed in leading a healthy and happy life.

To all who have been a part of this community’s continued successes, we thank you. Here’s to many more years!


Natural Awakenings continues to strive to stay current and educate the public on all things health and holistic. It is my go-to publication when I want to know what is happening in the community. Love Save the Dates!

“Audrey is the best! She makes you feel like part of a family, is helpful and always available.”

-- Carrie Wiedemann Bellabaci, Philadelphia


“I use Natural Awakenings to see what is happening around me, acquire healthful tips, learn what’s new in the health and wellness field and read about other local practitioners. I have been so impressed with what I have read and learned that I have chosen to join the team and advertise with Natural Awakenings myself.

“I appreciate Audrey… the sharing of her vision for this magazine and her open, friendly manner of discovering who I am as a person and practitioner have been insightful and built confidence that this is the publication I want to represent my business in the public eye.

“I just began advertising with Natural Awakenings with the December issue, and by December 2, I had already scheduled a session with a new client who found me through my story. This is just the beginning. I do believe we will make beautiful music together.”

-- Barbara Meza Conscius Vita, Yardley


“The Doylestown Food Co-op offers our congratulations and gratitude to Natural Awakenings on its fifth anniversary. The magazine is a wonderful collection of valuable information while it supports our local economy.”

-- Doylestown Food Co-op Doylestown


“NA has become a major source of information and resources for alternative professionals in the area—one that is absolutely an invaluable resource that needs to be maintained and supported. I give it to every one of my patients.

“It has given me a means to become more widely known in the area. I enjoy the calls from people who have read my articles and tell me how much I have helped them. I hope Natural Awakenings continues to grow and that more professionals like myself will come out of the woodwork and advertise, so others will know there are good professionals available in their communities to help them.”

-- Julie Ann Allender Psychologist, Sellersville


“I think Natural Awakenings is a great resource for people to aid them in taking control of their health. We advertise in the magazine, but I also personally look forward to receiving it every month so I can look through and help to further my knowledge of healthy, natural resources in my area.”

-- Stephanie Brown EZLifescan, Gilbertsville

February 2015.

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