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Letter from Editor, March 2015

In a well-timed twist of fate, while beginning to work on this animal-centric issue of Natural Awakenings, I had an opportunity to adopt a pet myself. Browsing Craigslist pet notices on a whim last month, my boyfriend and I came across Harley, a 2-year-old German shepherd mix in need of a home. A couple of college students had rescued her from previous owners that had left her outside in multiple snowstorms and generally didn’t give her the love she deserves.

We agreed to foster this unknown dog for a week, and a month later she’s become our best buddy. Working from home can be lonely at times, but now Harley keeps me smiling and entertained. I’m thankful for her company, goofy smile and ability to get me out of the house for spirited walks in the sunshine.

As I read Sandra Murphy’s article, “Mission: Animal Rescue,” on page 16, I am also reminded of an earlier rescue mission at age 12, when I brought home a litter of abandoned kittens—a small piece of our neighborhood’s community cat problem. I happily nursed them as my own and found all of them homes—except for Sadie, who is still the apple of my family’s eye. I often wonder what fate may have befallen her had she not come to live with us; for other stray animals’ sakes I hope there are always animal-loving kids and their parents willing to help.

Even now as I write, Harley’s nose is peeking out from beneath the desk chair, snoozing away the afternoon. I’ve learned that she and I have much in common. We both love bacon and peanut butter, blanket forts, learning new things and digging in the dirt.

With spring’s growing season just around the corner, I encourage you to check out the community supported agriculture (CSA) listings on pages 12 and 13. Like many of us, I would love to be able to grow all of my own food at home. From the limited experience I've had cultivating peppers, tomatoes and zucchini, I know how rewarding—and challenging—gardening can be. This year, with a new dog that likes to dig, I may need to rely mostly on a CSA program for organically grown produce.

Spring is a favorite season for so many because it signals new beginnings. Seeds sprout with delicious promise, the first flowers bloom, baby animals are born and beautiful weather brings us all out of hibernation. Maybe it’s also the right time to give an animal in need a new beginning with your family—a good deed that will return delightful dividends.

To all the other Harleys hoping for a good home, Michelle

Michelle Bense, Managing Editor

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