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Empowering Adults to Promote Vegetable Consumption in Children

Veggiecation, an organization that works to promote and educate communities on the health benefits of vegetables, is offering its Veggiecation Educator Training Workshop to those interested in bringing the program to children in schools, after-school programs, supermarkets and more. The workshop aims to empower adults to promote vegetable consumption in children with a simple, fun, evidence-based nutrition education program.

“We are so pleased to be able to expand the reach of our program and empower others that share our love of vegetables to make a true difference in the health of their community,” says Lisa Suriano, founder and CEO of Veggiecation.

The workshop consists of a live, three-hour online training course that covers all the basics of “veggiecating.” Engaging videos illustrate Veggiecation’s specific messaging and methods of teaching, while the interactive structure of the webinar allows students to get questions answered. The program also includes a portable cooking kit, Veggiecation apron and tote, a set of veggie posters, stickers, guides and a recipe e-book, containing over 68 classroom-style recipes.

Participants in the workshop learn the specific formula for Veggiecation’s kids cooking classes and are taught food safety, allergy awareness and more. The training will also explore how to market oneself and how to build a client base. Once trained, certified Veggiecation educators can bring the program to local schools themselves, or teach it to others who work with children.

Cost: $295. Receive 10 percent off for National Nutrition Month with code NutriMo2015. For more information, visit March 2015.

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